Monday, February 25, 2013

Muji Finds Part 2 Mobile Case

I also picked up this Mobile case which can be used to store cotton swabs. It is only $0.99. 

It can only store about 11 to 12 cotton swabs. I like about this case because it is a hard case, very sturdy, and it doesn't break easily. 

Muji Finds Part 1 Turband

Head turband is a very good tool to keep your hair away from your face when doing make-up and washing your face.

I first read about this product from Cosme Ranking book as one of the most popular beauty tools.

I purchase this for about $6 at the San Francisco Muji Store.

You can also buy the wider version from Muji online store HERE

In Muji Stores, there are 2 colors to select from (light grey and light brown). I personally like the brown color more.

It is a very-soft-towel texture. The back of the turband has only one long elastic band which keeps the hairs in place without the tight feeling. 

I hand wash with soap in cold water. Since this turband is very thin, it takes a very short time to air dry. 

Check it out when you visit Muji